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I provide Hypnotherapy as part of my normal Psychotherapy and Counselling practice.

My registration for Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis services as a stand-alone service, including my ethical scope of hypnosis practice, is with the American Board for Hypnotherapy.  I am a Registered Hypnotherapist and Certified Member of the American Board for Hypnotherapy.


Fees for all hypnotherapy services will depend on the nature of the client's issues and a quotation will be supplied to Hypnotherapy clients during the first interview. 

Fees start at $180 per hour and could be higher if complex issues are involved.

If you are interested in hypnosis for any reason, or for hypnotherapy services, please contact me using the "contact me" button.

The usual procedure would be for me to call you back and for us to discuss your needs telephonically and upfront before making your first appointment.

As with all my services, payment is made at the end of each session, either in cash or by card.



Some things you should know


  1.    Hypnosis describes a state of “trance.”

  2.    Hypnosis occurs naturally to each of us as an everyday state.

  3.    A hypnotised person (person in a trance) will not feel like they are in a trance, though they will certainly feel more deeply relaxed       than usual.

  4.    Most of what you believe about hypnotism is incorrect – influenced by stage hypnotists.   You will not become a fool unless you         are already one, or willing to behave like one.

  5.    You will remember everything, unless the therapist suggests otherwise using a post-hypnotic suggestion.  This is rarely necessary.

  6.    You will not be out of control – you will remain fully in control.

  7.    Trance permits your subconscious mind to become highly involved, even to override your conscious mind – in other words, trance       lets the subconscious mind switch off some of the critical, reasoning, intellectual functions of your conscious mind, thus enabling a     powerful part of your mind to be unleashed.

  8.    You will not do anything under hypnosis that offends your normal, conscious values – it is not “mind control,” and you will never       lose your capacity to decline to comply with any suggesting made by the therapist.

  9.    Hypnosis is safe - there is nothing to be scared of.  Even if the therapist helps you go into trance and “forgets” to bring you out –     you will naturally emerge from trance all by yourself.

  10.    All hypnosis... is actually self-hypnosis.  The therapist may induce your trance like a kind of tour guide, but it is you who voluntarily     allows yourself to drift into trance.

  11.    You will not go into trance, or be hypnotised, if you actively fight it...


American Board of Hypnotherapy
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