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Fees from 2 June 2023  (Mandurah Regional Practice)

There are standard, fixed fees for most of my services, payable by card or cash at the conclusion of every session.   For online therapy payment is usually made at least 24 hours prior to the session, and receipt of payment is considered to be confirmation of the session.   For comparative purposes the recommended fees of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) are included.  Please note that I do not provide Medicare rebates and I am not contracted with any medical insurance companies - clients are responsible for settling their own accounts after each session, and may submit the receipt to their health insurer.   I attempt to adjust my fees so that your "gap" payment more-or-less approximates what you might pay if you and I were Medicare subsidised.

Published Fees from 2 June 2023

Dr Chris Westinghouse

Clinical and Forensic Neuropsychotherapist

Mandurah 6210, Western Australia

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