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Services for Corporate Clients
1. Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)
Dr Westinghouse is available for corporate EAP work and has literally thousands of hours of experience in this area.  EAP work is mostly of short duration, paid for by an employer, and primarily of the Solution Focused therapy type.  It includes a wide range of mental health targets, including couples counselling.
2. Critical Incident interventions
Through a variety of collaborations, including his accreditation with the New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA), Dr Westinghouse is permanently on-call to conduct in situ interventions around Australia arising from critical incidents in schools and in workplaces.   Dr Westinghouse is typically on call 24 hours a day and will respond to critical need if he is able to do so.
3. Corporate Team Optimisation
Having spent a big slice of his own career on the corporate ladder (from the bottom to the top), Dr Westinghouse is well equiped to deal with the constructive resolution of corporate team dysfunction, and to help to make the best of a company's human resources potential through a variety of interventions.

"Mental illness is now the leading cause of long term sickness absence in Australia, exacting a significant human cost and hitting businesses right in the hip pocket – according to Heads Up, mental illness costs workplaces $4.7 billion in absenteeism, $6.1 billion in presenteeism, and a tidy $146 million in compensation claims every year."

source (2018):

What's your own personal background in corporate life?
I've worked with corporate teams for more than 30 years: sometimes as a member of a team, and sometimes as the leader of a team. These have included teams of hundreds of people, often volunteers, and often spread around the globe, but they have also included more intimate teams of between 5 and 30 people.  Some of them have been in the commercial world, whilst others have been in government, NGOs and in organisations involved in community enterprises, among others.   I've been a global General Manager in the financial services sector; an Executive Director, a CEO, a company Chairman and a Non-Executive Director on the Boards of Companies around the world; I've been a Chief of Staff in one country's Ministry of Defence;  I've served as a strategic communicator in the office of a head of government and headed up government agencies; and I've done some organisational restructuring for one or two global banking brands.  Among other things.
I've been around.  And I've seen corporate teams that work - and plenty that never had any hope of working!
What do you actually do for Corporate Clients?
1.  Optimising the opportunity for individual participation and contribution.
2.  Improving relationships to achieve improved harmony.
3.  Identifying and eliminating obstacles to human performance.
4.  Critical incident counselling and training.
5.  Short-term, solution focused therapy for individual staff members.
6.  Lunch break relaxation hypnotherapy sessions for up to 12 staff members
What model do you use?
I don't.  I've never believed in rigidly using standard formulas, and I have no interest in psychological questionnaires and expensive trademarked models for corporate transformation.  Why?  Because all they usually do is to keep a team focused (and busy) for a little while, and then they are filed in a drawer and never looked at again.  Each client is different - and I tailor my work to match their needs.
Do you have a "philosophy" that guides you in Corporate work?
Yes. Companies exist to make money.  For this, they need customers.  Companies that experience internal dysfunction can't function optimally.  Customers notice.  Sometimes they choose to go someplace else.  
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